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Lado Okhotnikov: How Durov’s Generous Gift of 50% of Advertising Revenue Can Affect the Telegram Growth And Content Creators

Telegram is launching a revolutionary content monetization program for channel owners. In March, the Telegram advertising platform will officially open to advertisers in almost 100 new countries.

“The channels alone generate up to 1 trillion views monthly,” says , a blockchain expert and founder of the Meta Force metaverse.

Recently, increasing attention has been paid to the issue of de-dollarization in the digital space, in particular in the metaverse. One of the most interesting examples is Telegram, a popular messaging app that plans to use its TON cryptocurrency to create a new reality without trading bots and price manipulation.

A key feature of the future monetization program is to increase profits – 50% of the income from advertising shown on channels will be transferred to their owners. Considering that only 10% of them are currently monetized, this represents a huge opportunity for content creators.

To ensure fast and secure payments, Telegram will exclusively use the TON blockchain and the native Toncoin token. This will create a virtuous circle of sorts where creators can either cash out the tokens or reinvest them into developing and promoting their channels.

Similar to what we did with usernames on , we will share advertising revenues [in Telegram ADS] with channel owners,” said Pavel Durov.

It is expected that such an initiative will create a healthy ecosystem around TON and serve as an impetus for mass adoption of the cryptocurrency. It can also attract quality content creators from all over the world.

Telegram de-dollarization potential — Lado Okhotnikov on the role of the messenger in global politics

The decline in the dominance of the US dollar in world trade and finance is obvious. Take, for example, the message from from December 2023, “…The UAE is now selling its oil for its own dirhams or for the buyer’s national currency.”

The emergence of the metaverse, a virtual space where users can interact with each other, will accelerate this trend, making digital currencies easier to use. 

, “It can be assumed that the metaverse will provide fertile ground for the adoption of digital currencies, since it [the metaverse] offers a borderless and decentralized environment.”

In the context of the above, it is worth emphasizing the advantages of using digital currencies, because faster and cheaper transactions, greater accessibility and increased confidentiality are very attractive.

It is possible that TON will play a significant role in de-dollarization by providing a platform for the creation and use of digital currencies in the metaverse. But blockchain itself may face more pressure, with regulatory hurdles and competition from other blockchain platforms having far-reaching consequences.

Despite everything, ”generous gift” to the content creators will definitely contribute to the growth of Telegram and will lead to a surge in new channels in the messenger. In addition, thanks to cryptocurrencies, many online stores will be able to trade directly through Telegram. The built-in wallet is ready.

This will also reduce the secondary advertising market; major purchases will be made through Telegram ADS.

Durov: the global update of the Telegram crypto wallet will “explode” the market

The Telegram wallet is easily accessible in the application settings and can be activated in just a few clicks – to do this, just enter @wallet in the search bar and the application will open.

Once activated, users can top up their wallet, send cryptocurrency to other Telegram users, or use it to make purchases from online stores that accept cryptocurrency.

One of the main advantages of the built-in Telegram wallet is its simplicity and ease of use. Users no longer need to download a separate application to store cryptocurrency; they will be able to manage it directly in the messenger.

Moreover, the integrated wallet provides a high level of security as it uses advanced encryption methods and two-factor authentication.

The app currently supports TON, BTC and USDT cryptocurrencies. However, the TON Space team has pleased us with several major updates in the last two weeks.

Displaying assets has become more convenient. You can now collapse tokens for better visibility, and those with zero balance, tokens will be automatically hidden. Very useful if you have many different coins.

Also in the TON Space settings, a section has appeared with a list of all dApp applications connected to your wallet, and the transaction confirmation screen has been updated and become more informative. Now you see all the details of the operation at the time of its completion.

Moreover, if you have a TON domain name, then your TON Domain will be displayed on the main screen instead of the long wallet address. For example, meme.ton instead of USwr…a2ed.

Risks of de-dollarization

During public testing in October last year, the TON blockchain set an unprecedented performance record, processing over 100 thousand transactions in one second. This outstanding achievement is not only unparalleled among other blockchain networks, but also exceeds the maximum capabilities of such payment industry giants as Visa and Mastercard.

The previous record high, held by the Solana blockchain, has been left far behind by the incredible scale of TON’s throughput. But according to the developers, this is far from the limit for this network. Given enough validators, TON is theoretically capable of processing millions of transactions.

However, technical specifications do little to protect against one of the main risks of de-dollarization in the metaverse – if the Commission continues to impede the development of TON, it could harm the prospects of moving away from dollars in virtual reality.

The SEC has already intervened once, and despite the fact that the development of TON has been stopped, the developer community continues to work on the project and creates new applications and services based on TON. For example, there are several decentralized cryptocurrency exchangers created on the basis of TON, as well as services for storing and transferring files. In addition, work is underway to create decentralized social networks and voting services. Which cannot but rejoice in light of the incessant pressure from outside.

About Durov, “black” and digital gold

It is no longer a secret that the most valuable asset is not natural resources like oil, but data. Pavel Durov is one of those who demonstrates the ability to look far into the future, ahead of many of his colleagues.

Thanks to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, this understanding is only strengthened. Durov’s initiatives aimed at monetizing data and creating an ecosystem around it will allow Telegram to make a powerful leap forward and rise to new heights.

As for the price dynamics of TON, which may disappoint some traders against the backdrop of positive news, the token itself should not be blamed for this. Often the growth of other cryptocurrencies occurs out of nowhere, without any apparent reason. Over time, you may have to reconsider your attitude towards TON.

A year or two from now, you may remember these words and appreciate the foresight of the strategy. Ahead of TON lies rapid growth and the unfolding of its full potential. This will likely be followed by protracted sideways consolidation for many years.

And, please note, this is not a financial recommendation, but a non-binding assumption of a trend. 

Based on Dan Michael materials

The head of Meta Force Press Center







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