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All features of ranked Apex Legends and connection with eSports

Apex is an active shooter in the battle royale genre, which has many mechanics for survival and uniqueness of each hero, who is called a legend and uses special skills along with shooting.

Your Apex boosting will directly depend on the number of kills and the overall survival time; contrary to opinion, in such projects you do not need to take top 1 in order to progress, be stable enough and play well.

Main features

Apex Legends is not a classic project – it has fast-paced shooter mechanics and futuristic elements, which significantly speeds up the completion time of competitive matches and allows players to play a large number of games in one gaming session during the day and improve or worsen their rank in Apex Legends.

An expanded system of agents awaits you, from which you will choose your character, who can be attacking, defensive, reconnaissance, secretive, or seeker.

There are also a lot of weapons, and they are different, so with an active search you can find everything that a gamer needs, but it is better to focus on the Mythic and Legendary, which are illuminated with purple and golden light, and the type of weapon must be chosen individually, but do not forget about the armor. The more equipped the enemy is, the more protection is needed to withstand direct damage, but it is better to use the terrain on the map and not come under fire.

Remember that the playing area will constantly shrink, and you need to react to this in a timely manner, or at least quickly. Some agents will be able to know in advance which way the battle zone will be reduced, but in general, everyone else will have enough time to adapt and not interrupt their boost in Apex Legends due to stupidity.

You can play single and group matches if you have permanent allies – the maximum number of allies for a squad is 3 players, or together, or alone, and boosting in Apex will be different for all variations of matches.

Basic legends you should know about

There are a lot of agents in Apex Legends with different skills and capabilities that need to be taken into account and selected to suit your playing style and emphasis on killing or survival on the game map.

  • Octane is the first hero to consider if you are a beginner. He has natural and passive health regeneration, which means Octane doesn’t need first aid kits. He will have stimulants to increase his movement speed and the ability to create ammunition for himself and allies, if you are not playing alone.
  • Lifeline is a drone master and combat medic who can heal herself with drones and assist allies if you choose a group format. The drone will help you see your opponents in advance and save you from the need to carry medicine in your inventory.
  • Bangalore is a full-fledged attacking hero who has a large supply of smoke and fire grenades for combat, stimulants for running speed and, most importantly, the ability to fire an artillery salvo at a specified point on the game map.
  • The Gibraltar is a defensive class that uses a large dome to protect itself and allies from enemy bullets. When you take aim to shoot at enemies, you will also be covered by an additional shield. The main skill will also be the ability to strike with artillery.
  • Wraith is the most secretive character who can remain invisible to most agents, but will not be able to attack at this time. The hero’s strengths are stealth and the ability to place two portals in different parts of the game map in order to move freely between them.
  • Bloodhound is a hero who can track any target, be it covert or obvious. The fact is that, first of all, the pathfinder sees perfectly well on the ground, who has passed along it and in what direction, and senses enemies when they are nearby, even if they are in a state of invisibility.
  • Pathfinder is a hero who never has problems with obstacles. You can use shouts and your abilities to climb any mountain and help your allies do the same, but remember that other players can use this mechanic too.

Start of the match

All players will start their game on the plane and will decide at what moment to jump out of it to start their match.

The game map will be randomized, as will the path the plane will take, so players can land anywhere on the map.

There will be 100 players in total and at the very beginning it will be a big massacre, at least in large cities and places where equipment accumulates.

Reducing the game map

In order for players to constantly move, fight and quickly bring the match to completion, receiving a boost in Apex and top 1 status, the game map will constantly decrease, but this will happen in cycles, so that all players have time to prepare and change positions.

All players who find themselves outside the map will first lose health and then die unless they change something dramatically.

Armament and protection

Throughout Apex Legends, there is a lot of different equipment and weapons that need to be mastered and used.

Each type of weapon also has its own quality, which will differ.

For example, an assault rifle can be of regular, Mythic or Legendary quality, which will have a good effect on combat parameters, shot power and rate of fire.

Protection works on a similar principle, so look for the highest quality body armor and helmet you can find.


Apex Legends has an active presence in eSports, where tournaments and matches are held in the format of teams of three players.

This is a highly dynamic match and teams choose different styles of play, from aggressive to wait-and-see.

Some players who can significantly increase their rank in Apex Legends and players who actively play it will have a chance to be noticed by professional players and invited to teams to participate in local and world tournaments. After the great popularity of PUBG, many similar projects in the battle royale genre became eSports disciplines, and Apex Legends was no exception.


Apex is a vibrant and dynamic project with its own special mechanics for selecting agents and equipment and a high speed of matches, which allows players to play a large number of matches and receive boosting in Apex during one game session.

It’s better for you to start your journey with legends for beginners, like Octane, whose natural regeneration will save your life more than once, and then move on to more difficult characters like Bangalore.

You will study game maps, choose different landing spots and constantly kill enemies and strive to survive in order to get closer to top 1 status and get a rank boost in Apex Legends. It is important not to win, but to take a high position in the ranking, and then your progress will be constant.

Look for weapons and armor of varying quality, but primarily focus on Mythic and Legendary ones, because their combat power and defense are the strongest in the game.

Apex occupies its niche in eSports, regularly holding championships from EA Games and attracting players who constantly play in the top divisions, where they can be noticed by professional players and invited to join the team. Just keep playing consistently and well, and you might have a chance to become a professional player.

Sources of information and useful links that are worth checking out for additional knowledge in Apex Legends



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