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Top Unique Wedding Themes to Wow Your Guests

If you’re reading this, you know that the only way to truly make your wedding memorable is to put together a one-of-a-kind celebration. An experience unlike any other—something your guests will remember as one of the coolest, most unique weddings they’ve ever attended.

It’s your wedding—you should do something that feels authentically you. Why not inject some much-needed personality into the whole thing, and squeeze some new life into an event that’s become so predictable?

Here are some of our favorite out-of-the-box wedding theme ideas.

Celestial Wonderland

Draw inspiration from the glittering magical night skies, and use that to decorate your venue. Keep the lighting low and star-like—use little twinkling lights. Opt for constellation-themed décor and dark velvety textured accents.

For those with night owl inclinations, another unique ceremony idea is to host your big day (big night?!) under the literal midnight sky. After all, there’s something incredibly magical about being up, awake, and outdoors when almost everyone else is indoors, fast asleep.

Secret Garden

As everyone knows, you can never have too many flowers. So, why not apply this Universal Truth to your wedding theme? 

Flowers and foliage are uplifting. They provide the necessary texture and color to really pack a visual punch; to take an ordinary space and make it extraordinary.

Gather greenery—suspend branches from above—weave garlands together. Use trellises and other accent pieces one might find in a secret garden, like a little fountain or a magical seating area. Choose floral print bridesmaid dresses.

This theme is the perfect combo of cozy meets gorgeous.

Your Favorite Festival

Is there a festival that you and your fiancée look forward to attending annually, that you wouldn’t skip for anything?

Cool, there’s your theme.

Take the best parts and use those elements as inspiration. 

For example, if you’re a ‘burner’ and are always in the Nevada desert for Burning Man, perhaps part of the reason you’re drawn to the event is because of the impressive art installations. Is there something similar you could create, some unique art, just on a smaller scale?

Or how about a music festival, such as Coachella? Why not pull some of that carefree boho-inspired energy into your wedding day? Hire a band, a few food trucks, and you’ve got your own exclusive mini event.

Enchanted Forest

This can be held in a literal forest, perhaps in a grassy clearing, or under a thick canopy of towering trees. There’s something pure and magical when you add silks and lace to the forest, as well as glittery fairy lights and velvety red roses. Bring in a trellis, some white chairs, and you’ve got something special.

Create the feeling indoors by suspending branches from above, and bringing in moss and fern inspired texture. Use low lighting, and stick to dark rich greens. Tree trunk centerpieces and other wood details help tie it all together.

Vintage Carnival

Think bright colors and striped patterns. Jugglers, hotdogs, cotton candy and music. Face-painters, portrait sketch artists and low-key carnival inspired games, like a ring toss.

If you love the nostalgia of this semi-bygone type of entertainment, bring it back!

Clowns? That’s up to you…

Your Favorite Book or Movie

Here, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Make a particular movie your wedding theme, or use the mood of the piece to help you incorporate your aesthetic detail and the overall vibe. Here are a few current favorites:

  • A Great Gatsby inspired wedding
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Star Wars
  • Sex and the City

All genres and eras welcome—though you probably want to stick to something that lends itself well to a fun and upbeat atmosphere.

Everything, from the venue to the food and décor, can align with your theme.

Under the Sea

Who needs a beach wedding when you can get married under the sea itself? Okay, not literally. Draw inspiration from what you think that experience might be like. 

Use blue silky fabrics to cover the venue ceiling, creating the illusion of the ocean’s surface. Decorate with shells, starfish, and serve—what else—seafood.

If you live near an aquarium, see if they cater to special events.

A Certain Time Period

Fans of vintage glam may be drawn to the 1920s or ‘50s. Fans of kitsch and mullets may choose the 1980s. No judgment either way, just pure fun.

Decorate with popular pieces from that era, and be sure to let your guests know of the theme ahead of time so they can dress appropriately. Stick to music that was popular during that time, and you’ve nailed it.


When wedding planning, so many think they need to plan something traditional, and that simply isn’t the case. 

Just think. Your guests will be thrilled when they open your invite and realize they’re in for something special.



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